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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

dinosaurs and playdough

It's Dinosaur Days at preschool for the next couple weeks ago. I asked G what she knew about dinosaurs.  " I think dinosaurs are scary. I don't like it when they roar."
We decided to expand on that knowledge and make tracks in playdough and...
Fossils, too. This of course was a big hit, because we were playing with toys AND playdough!
This is our wooden tray getting another use and 2 ingredient playdough - 1 box corn starch 1 bottle hair conditioner.

The conversation and learning followed freely through play. She asked questions. I asked, "what do you think happened?" Asking open ended questions (ones you cannot answer yes or no), gets your child thinking and investigating and exploring and learning!

Have a fun and playful day!

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