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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

twig forest

We are getting a lot a lot of use our of this wooden tray lately.  Today, we smoothed kiwi lime scented liquidity into it. The whole room smelled oh so good.
On a walk last week, we gathered up some twigs. We stuck the twigs into the liquidity to create a forest.
Then it was time to add the animals - our favorite favorite part! Here, we used Safari Ltd Toob animals. Yes, that IS a combat in our forest :)
I love have the little turtle is struggling to climb up into the forest. Someone should really help him!
It's an easy project. The kiddos will enjoy assembling the twig forest (you will too!) You really wouldn't need the tray - you could just spread the playdough out on the table if you want.

The playdough is
1 box corn starch
1 bottle hair conditioner - any scent
Mix & play

Have a  fun and playful day

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