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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Adventures of Hush the Hedgehog

Me: We got to California in two weeks. What are you taking?
G: Uh, animals and clothes and swim suit. What are you bringing?
Me: what do you think I should bring?
G: Hush the Hedgehog for sure and maybe a swim suit.

Hush is our Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Hedgehog that tends to pop in our play pretty often. G loves him.  He was part of our pet shop and sometimes, he just goes along with us.  It's one of her/my favorite toys.

Well, this will be an adventure. My nanny family is going for a conference for 8 days! I am going along to help with the girls.  It should be an adventure! It's the longest that I have ever been without my husband. I hope I don't get homesick. I actually am looking up fabric, craft, and toy stores in the area!

The countdown is on. I hope Hush packs lightly!

Have a fun and playful day

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