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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tell Me A Story

I love to simply show a child a picture and say, "Tell me a story."
Their imagination kicks in and...
I am amazed every time.
Kids are so funny.
Sometimes, they need prompted.  So I ask questions like, "What are the mice doing with all that cheese?"or "What is the teddy bear doing on the flamingo's back?"  Sometimes questions help to spark the imagination.
You telling a child stories or them telling them stories develops their vocabulary and verbal skills and parts of a story (beginning, middle, end) skills and their imagination.
We do this a lot in the car.  I have photos of toys that I have staged printed off and handy.  To pass the time, I hand G a photo and say, "Tell me a story."  I love the things she comes up with and I get a break from kids songs on the radio (you know that they annoy you, too!) These photo cards can be good while waiting at a restaurant or before bed.

Have a fun and playful day.

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