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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Two Hedgehogs - a tale of sibling rivalry

Once upon a time, two princesses aged 4.5 years and 21 months shared a playroom. The sisters mostly got along, but sometimes the younger princess got in the other one's last nerve.

The youngest princess wanted everything the older princess had. Everything. And if she didn't get it, oh my it was a royal tantrum that scared away the fiercest Dragon or biggest giant.

What's a nanny to do?

Well, when possible, encourage sharing and turn taking. Sometimes, I even set a timer to say when time is up. When possible, I have 2 of the most loved toys, but that could get expensive.  It all boils down to sometimes princesses scream and throw fits. Sometimes there is only one royal hedgehog. Sometimes, it doesn't seem like "just a phase", but it is. (until they become teenage princesses and fight over royal t-sshirts, ball gowns, and glass slippers, but that is another Grimm fairytale).

Teaching patience is difficult. It's a difficult concept for adults to learn in modern day I have to have in insta-now. But in the end, Cinderella had wait for her Fairygod Mother. Snow White had to wait on the Prince's kiss. Rapunzel had to wait on her hair to grow.  Patience is worth it.

Have a fun and playful day

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