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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My story - how playscapes are made

My distraction has become more like an obsession.

I have always sewed, crafted, written, been creative. I taught preschool for many years. That's the back story.

In September 2014, my father in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. I was worried and concerned for my husband and family. I found myself thinking about cancer all. The. Time. I couldn't sleep. I needed a distraction.

I decided to make these playscapes. I wanted to make with lots of teeny tiny details and whimsy and imagination.  I got lost in the details and the creativity of making the play mats. I was able to escape for a little while in the stitches and details. Isn't it the small things that we remember in Life? Isn't it the small things that make Life special?

My father in-law always said, "Do what you love." I combined my love of sewing and crafting with my passion for early childhood. And I am launching that into a business through etsy.

My father in-law lost his battle with cancer after only 16weeks. He was a Christian, who loved and lived for God. We are comforted in that fact. We have his quirky sayings to keep encouraging us.

That is how my distraction became an obsession.  I have a notebook that I carry with me all the time that I sketch out new ideas for play mats.  You can see all of my playscapes at www.mybigworld2015.etsy.com

That's my story.

Feel free to share yours.

Have a fun and playful day.

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